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‘Visual Rhythms’

By Sean Lehosit

The artists participating in this show are: Jay Moffett, Amandda Tirey Graham, Ashley “Coreroc” Voss, Brian Reaume(BJR), Megan Burkholder,…

    Six years ago self-taught abstract expressionist painter Juan Carrera made the move from Houston, Texas to Ohio, where on top of showcasing his own work professionally, he and his newly founded group AbX have been taking the initiative to carve a home in Columbus’ already rich arts community for non-objective and non-representational artwork. The group’s first organized show, “Visual Rhythms,” will be at the end of May.

    “The read mission of AbX is to unite a group of like-minded independent artists, interested in promoting and progressing the non-objective [and] non-representational art community in Columbus,” said Carrera. “Interestingly, the members of AbX are a diverse group of innovative artists who work in a variety of styles, mediums and disciplines.”

    At the conclusion of last year, Carrera had been speaking with Jeff Moffett of “Couchfire,” and together they had discussed what they both felt was a lack of non-objective and non-representational art shows in Columbus, Ohio.

    “Initially, I had an idea to get together a group of my favorite artists around the city and put on an abstract, expressive group art show. So, we decided to throw around the idea to other artists whose work would fit within the group,” added Carrera. “I feel the dialogue is really aimed at raising awareness of a thriving non-objective/non-representational art scene in Columbus and positioning this group of artists among the others who inspire use everyday in the local arts community.”

    According to Carrera, non-representational art illustrates emotions that cannot be portrayed through realistic images.

    “Generally, the subject is the composition: color, form and line, which are essential [to] the concept of our show. But instead of going with a non-representational image for the cards and posters from an artist in the show, I asked Ryan Mowry, a graphic artist with a background in illustration, to design a rock-style poster image for our music-fueled show,” commented Carrera.

    The group gained inspiration from the “annuals” that the New York School presented in the 1950s, such as the “9th Street Show,” an exhibition that ran in 1951, which collected a number of notable artists. These artists were said to have moved art into the 20th century.

    “The concept for our first show is straightforward, with the focus solely on the use of color and form. All the artists’ work in ‘Visual Rhythms’ share a cohesive anti-figurative aesthetic, with music as the unifying element,” Carrera said. “Brian Reaume had the idea to directly connect with the viewer and incorporate music with the work in the show. All of the artists were to choose a selection of music that inspired his/her work, which will be playing on an mp3 player attached to the wall, adjacent to his/her work with a set of headphones.”

    AbX hope that through the music selected to represent each artist’s piece that they’ll be able to connect to the work on a more personal level. Additionally, Carrera was excited to involve artists who work often within figurative parameters and see what they could “bring to the non-objective table,” alongside fellow artists who are more accustomed to anti-figurative parameters.

    “Visual Rhythms” will be a dual-venue exhibition. Through the collaborative efforts of the group members, they managed to schedule programming at the Ohio Art League and got them to host the show. However, once realizing they wanted a larger space, they decided upon a dual-venue exhibition and approached the neighboring OSU Arts Initiative.

    “I personally invited all the artists to participate, who are now committed to the show and with the group. I am humbled, thrilled and honored to have their involvement,” Carrera added. “I also asked artist [and] curator Stephanie Rond to curate the show for us. [She] will ultimately determine whose work will hang aside whose, and what work will hang in which venue.”

    Anyone who has ever tried to organize an event understands the complexity and hard work put into such tasks. AbX is excited about their debut event and believe it was through the collaborative efforts and inventiveness of the group members, which should be accredited to the success of the group.

    “My hope is that the visitors leave the show with a better appreciation for the non-objective/non-representational art here in Columbus and continue to support the artists who create it,” Carrera said.

    “Visual Rhythms” will be hosted by the Couchfire Collective at the Ohio Arts League and the OSU Arts Initiative and will be open from May 28-29 at the South Campus Gateway. Special guest DJ Moxy will be doing a set for the opening reception Friday May 28 from 6-9 p.m. For more information visit www.abxcolumbus.com.

    Originally Published: May 19, 2010

    1. Thanks to U Weekly for your interest in our project and a well-represented article. The artist mentioned above as Jeff Moffett is actually Jay Moffett of Couchfire.
      Juan Carrera | 2010-05-20 – 04:59:06 PM (CDT)
    2. The artists participating in this show are: Jay Moffett, Amandda Tirey Graham, Ashley “Coreroc” Voss, Brian Reaume(BJR), Megan Burkholder, Bethany Jozwiak-Butler, Michael Bush, Ryan Orewiler, Jurate Phillips, Peggy Mintun, Cyrus Fire, Doug Fordyce, Nikos Rutkowski and Juan Carrera

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