My abstract paintings are an emotive exploration discovered through a stream-of-consciousness process. I begin with an urge to paint a certain color or draw a particular shape. By adding layers of oil pigmented wax with pastels, fabric, twine, and paper, the surface becomes thick and textured. I impulsively rotate the panel’s orientation, allowing wax drips to mark each direction. Scraping the wax, I incise strong gestural marks, expose previous layers of color, and remove fused 3-dimensional objects leaving behind their imprints.

I am typically not present to the full nature of emotion I reveal during the actual process, as I work through intuition and less through critical approach. Whichever emotions I am describing, I am guided by a desire to create a painting which feels complete and balanced through form, line, movement, and color. This desire during the painting process reflects a typically human quest to experience balance and completeness in life.

Incised lines, dripped wax, and traces of removed objects and layers underneath create a sense of emotional depth, history, and essence of time. The act of building and removing wax and objects parallels the experience of adding and subtracting in life- people, possessions, personality traits, and habits. Thus my paintings, revealed through a subconscious process, are a visual representation of my emotional history.

My figurative paintings and sculpture are often displayed in conjunction with my abstract as poetic installation. The dramatically emotive black and white palette of my figurative work is melodiously juxtaposed next to my chromatic abstracts.

Gunsorek studied painting at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and in Rome, Italy. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.